PERFECTSHUN Permission to be Human

"TeeJay has aptly nailed the personal development industry, the people that attend these courses and the personal development junkies. A connoisseur of fine personal development reading, this is a refreshing read which I would challenge YOU the reader to find anything like this you have ever read - a bold claim, but when you see the radically different angle TeeJay has come from you will find hard to disagree me".

"Are you the biggest road block to your personal success?
Take one action step today and read
PERFECTSHUN - Permission To Be Human".
Glenn Bridges, VP of Business Development,

"This is a great read, as you read through the book the exercises and stories in it help to cement the lessons so you really understand them. By the end of the book all I wanted to be was human – not perfect!!"
Ian Gunyon


"How refreshing to realise that we can take the pressure off ourselves, stop aiming for the impossible that is perfection and instead, start aiming for excellence. PERFECTSHUN is a ‘must read’ for both newcomers and seasoned professionals on the great journey of personal development and personal growth."
Kiz Davis, Wellness Coach

"Teejay Dowe is a bright light wherever she goes and whatever she does and this book comes straight from her heart. It's a breath of fresh air and I've learned to listen to my definition of Excellence, not others' definition of Perfect. If all you get from this book is to lift a weight off your shoulders, relax and be true to yourself and not have to live up to the expectations of society and other people, would it be worth it? Yes! I highly recommend this book to everyone."
Susie Golic